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My office phone. The first photo I took. Elevator buttons (Pioneer Plaza). The orchid in our lobby.
The view from my 10th-floor office window. My boss' view of Aloha Tower and Honolulu Harbor. Coworker Steve says, "Lemme see that!"
Una, the PDA-fluent intern. Coworker Doris, programs wizard. Morning light through some patterned bricks.
The Student Services Building at the Univ. of Hawaii. My American Studies class, in mid-lecture. An American Studies classmate.
My wife Jen, humoring me. My daughter Katie, age three. Katie at a Bishop Museum science fair.
Family Sunday at Bishop Museum. A carving from an old sailing vessel. A traditional kimono on display.
The tropical gardens at the Honolulu Zoo. A Honolulu Zoo flamingo out for a walk.
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