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A N   E Y E M O D U L E   2   I N   W A I K I K I — Documenting an average day in the tourist mecca of the Pacific. Proof that the eyemodule can take great shots, even if — in direct sunlight — you can't see a thing on the Visor Prism screen. And yes, I was standing in the water in that first shot... living dangerously!
Kuhio Beach looking toward Diamond Head. My three-year-old daughter Katie plays in the sand.
The Duke Kahanamoku statue. Honolulu's finest travel in style.
The famous beach boys' surf rack. Kuhio Beach looking Ewa (West).
Kalakaua Avenue, the main Waikiki thoroughfare. A fisherman and waterfall fronting the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.
The Waikiki Surfrider Hotel, one of the oldest and most beautiful. The Waikiki 3 theater, hanging on. "Hannibal" now playing.
The International Marketplace, home of cheap gold and T-shirts. Crowded Waikiki Beach, looking Ewa.
The new DFS Galleria store on Kalakaua. Inside the DFS Galleria.
The two-story DFS Gallery aquarium, complete with diver. My daughter Katie, on the verge of passing out.
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