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about eyebrowse

eyebrowse was built by a guy in Honolulu who loves his new Visor Prism and the eyemodule, and who just can't ever resist another web project (especially when a clever name comes to him in his sleep).

This site aims to be a celebration of the best aspects of the eyemodule: its high-tech form factor, and its "fun factor." You won't get 8-by-10 photorealistic prints out of this little gadget, but you'll take lots of little snapshots you probably could never get with a plain ol' digital camera.

Like the first wavy pictures ever broadcast for television, there's just something pioneering, or at least charming, about the 160x120 and 320x240 pixel pictures the eyemodule produces. eyebrowse hopes to showcase these peculiar photos of geek life from around the world.

As the fine print says, eyebrowse is not affiliated with or endorsed by Handspring or ideo (although we hope they'd like it if they found it). Other trademarks and servicemarks mentioned in these pages remain under copyrights held by their respective owners.

In other words, this is just a fan site; independent, non-commercial reviews and commentary. You know, fair use and stuff. Please don't sue us! (Of course, all things distinctly eyebrowse are copyright... er, us. Don't steal!)

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