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Welcome to eyebrowse!

UPDATE (Jan. 26, 2002) — Added a gallery by Kala Pierson. Also, if you haven't yet, consider joining the eyemodule mailing list.

There's something irresistible about the eyemodule and eyemodule2, ideo's digital camera Springboard modules for the Handspring Visor PDA.

Its resolution and picture quality are limited ... but there's no question a Visor with an eyemodule goes places (and gets reactions) that a regular digital camera can't.

We humbly submit that the eyemodule's images — from sharp color to grainy stamp-sized black-and-white — are a distinct new form of geekly art. Herein we present these little contributions from early adopters of new gadget technology... visual imprints of lives gone digital.

Take a look at our collection, built from submissions of eyemodule addicts worldwide. Check out other galleries on the web. Browse our links, tune into the Visor and eyemodule communities, and if you're among the growing ranks of eyemodule owners, consider submitting some masterpieces of your own!

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