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[ The Wedding (121k) ]Jen and I were married on Monday, Nov. 17, 1997 at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown State Courthouse at 1111 Alakea St.

The ceremony was performed by Circuit Court Judge Leslie Hayashi.

Present were (as pictured, clockwise from top left) Micheal, Gracie Manzano, Mark, mom, Kim, Donica, Todd, grandma Henderson, William, myself, Jen, grandma Ozawa, dad and Gayle.

While we had expected this "paperwork wedding" to be a low-key formality to properly precede the birth of our child in January, my family and friends saw to it that the day was a wonderful and special one.

[ The Rings (121k) ]Jennifer Ann Eno became Jennifer Ann Eno Ozawa, and soon after entered a nightmare of invalidated identification cards and name change forms that I -- a man in this shameful, patriarchal society -- did not have to endure. She also got a last name many in her family have yet to learn to spell correctly.

A more formal gathering is scheduled for April 4, 1998. The date was chosen to coincide with Jen's parents' long-anticipated second vacation in Hawai`i. Whether it will be a second wedding, a really early renewal of vows or a baptism for the newest Ozawa has yet to be determined.

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Preparation for the wedding coincided with the start of IMR in November. An entry describing the special day in some detail was written two days later.


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