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I've had my EM2 for about half a year and bring it with me nearly everywhere I go. The images I have attached were all taken in the full size 640x480 format then reduced to 500x340. I like reducing my images a bit as this tends to make the images look better. I did manipulate the saturation on some of the included photos (I either increased it a bit or reduced it using Photoshop), but other than that there have been no other changes to the photos.

I like exeperimenting with the EM2, I sometimes shake the camera slightly while taking the photo to intentionally distort the image. Taking photos into a street window is also a favorite technique of mine - I love some of the cool dual image effects you can get. I've also had good luck printing the images, when they are reduced to the 4x6 inch format they tend to look much crisper and very nice on photo quality paper.

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