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 > bruce mcfadden

     SEVERAL pictures taken on a trip to Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico this summer. The only one that is really "manipulated" is the dark Angel picture -- I increased the contrast, but other than that it was just one of those "miracle shots".
     ONE of my favorites is the "zooming red bus", a shot that turned out exactly as planned -- I wanted to capture the speed of the bright red buses rushing through Monterrey, filled with workers on their way to or back from work.
     SEVERAL shots are from the Central Plaza in Mexico City. The Church, the dog, the street musicians, the soldiers -- all part of the crazy near-riot that is Mexico City on a hot Summer day.
     ALSO included is a "face" from the Museo de Anthropologie in Mexico City, an amazing museum, which unfortunately had too little light in most instances for my eyemodule to work. But the "face" shot turned out well, and the stone statue has an amazing expression and lifelike feel.

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