IMR: 1998: November: 06 — Friday, 10:12 a.m.
Mac Lab, Moore Hall, University of Hawai`i–Manoa, Hawai`i

I just took a Hawaiian vocabulary quiz, 100 words. I guessed most of them, and even then answered no more than 40. I can already see the big red "Aue!" on it.

Not good.

I haven't been studying, obviously. I've never been much of a studier, in fact, usually getting by purely on lecture notes (if I even take notes) and handouts.

I guess I consider it enough of an accomplishment to actually be in class. Usually by this time in a semester, I've already skipped a third of my class sessions. By contrast, I haven't missed any this year, save for the week I was in L.A.

Still, with only two classes on my plate, I should be doing better.

In Hawaiian, I seem to be falling into the same pattern established in the last two years of study. I'm an active participant in class, and do very well in actual conversation, but when it comes to homework and tests on syntax and vocabulary, I flop miserably.

At least I've finished my minimum language requirement. This is 301, so apart from giving up potential plans for a minor in Hawaiian, nothing serious is being threatened by my dismal grades.

Fortunately, I'm doing moderately well in Kato's class. Last week we had our one midterm, and I just barely scored an 'A.' My "weekly course journal," however, got a 70. (Like most Journalism 365 students, I attempted to write several weeks of journal material on the night before it was due.) My overall average is probably a low 'B.'

Although Kato's actual course material is agonizingly dry, I've been able to avoid falling into a coma by piping up with a question now and then.

Indeed, I'm probably already known to my classmates as the "computer guy," because for every element of media law that he's covered -- libel and defamation, privacy, fair comment and public figures -- I've asked about its ramifications on the internet.

My interest isn't purely academic, of course. I've recently been invited to do a piece for the "Star-Bulletin" on the joys and pitfalls of keeping an online diary, I have to make sure I've got all my ducks in order.

And class is over. Time to join the wife for lunch, then it's off to work.

On my birthday, no less.


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