IMR: 1998: April: 16 -- Thursday, 3:00 p.m.
Crawford Hall, Univ. of Hawai`i-Manoa, Hawai`i
Damn. What a day.

Didn't get much of the Big Paper done at all last night, so I holed up in the Journalism Department office to do the bulk of the work this morning.

It took me five hours. I missed Hawaiian. I missed work. I missed lunch with Jen. Ah well. At least we're cashing in the Angelo Pietro gift certificate we got from Christy to make up for the skipped lunch date.

I finished it five minutes before it was due.

All in all, I think I did a decent job. Eleven pages (one short of the recommended length) with lots of illustrations. Thank god Chapin encouraged me to write about the 'Venue. A last minute interview with William gave me just what I needed to fill out the final section.

Actually, Chapin is out of town this week, so we turned our papers in to someone else and are now watching "Hawaii's Last Queen," the PBS special on the overthrow of Lili`uokalani. I'm going through my paper one last time, of course only now finding missing words and awkward sentences.

Man, Microsoft Word 98 one funky chunk of code. I like it a helluva lot better than Word 6, but I'm not sure I should've given up trusty ol' Word 5.1 for it either.

Here's one thing cool, though. It exports HTML code, and relatively clean code at that. For example, I can take my Big Paper here and put it up on the web, just like that.

Hmm. Learn something new every day. Like how to do en- and em-dashes — just about my favorite punctuation mark — on the web. Unfortunately, it only works in some browsers and with some character sets -- ISO 8859-1 to be exact -- so I think I'll stick with the double hyphen.

Oop. Movie's over. Time to go home and kiss the wife.


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