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[ Christy ]  
Wong, Christy Mew Jun
Aliases: Mr. Stripeypants

Christy was one of the best copy editors we had at Ka Leo.

When we hired her in Spring 1997, however, we didn't know her employment came with conditions -- in particular, the stipulation that several of her friends would be attached to her at all times.

We eventually put many of them, Micheal in particular, to work.

She continued to excel on the copy desk even after most of the Ka Leo Classic staff left, and was appointed Chief Copy Editor in Spring 1998. Micheal returned to Ka Leo that same semester to work for her.

For the longest time, I didn't know how to explain Christy's relationship with Micheal. He often called her his "pseudo-girfriend," which worked well enough... until she later decided she didn't want to be his pseudo-anything.

Christy is an outstandingly cool individual. She listens (or pretends very well), gives good advice, and has an eye for all things cute. She also has an affinity for zebras, which must count for something.

I'm an avid reader of her "journal-type thing," titled (at least for now) "Re-visions."


She has an unfortunate geek record, having once used Interact!, the state-founded interisland chat and game network. I've mostly forgiven her, though. She was young.


Born July 5, 1978. Graduated from Maryknoll High School in 1996. Currently attending UH-Manoa, with an intended (though yet undeclared) major somehow related to primary or secondary education.

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