IMR: 1997: December: 23 -- Tuesday, 11:11 a.m.
Family Practice, Straub Clinic, Hawai`i
Jen's with her doctor now, no doubt getting poked and prodded and measured. In a couple of days, she'll be entering her ninth month, and these checkups will become even more frequent.

The office is busy. It's hard to resist listening in as the receptionists try to handle various patients' crises over the phone; missed prescription refills, lost appointment cards, on-duty brawls covered under workman's comp...

In about two hours, we'll be one building over, where we'll be finding out the sex of our child.

Finally. It almost seems pointless now, so close to term, but this is the only point in the pregancy we could schedule an ultrasound and have it qualify as medically neccessary, and thus covered by insurance.

Finally, no more "its" and "his/hers." No more dancing around pronouns to avoid -- in some groundless, superstitious way -- changing its sex one way or the other by saying "him" or "her" too many times.

Finally we'll know. That is, of course, unless our baby is feeling contrary and happens to be resting his/her hands in his/her lap.

It would be just our luck.

[ Aloha ]William left for Hilo last night. And he almost didn't make it.

He was using some special coupon that the counterperson couldn't figure out. It had been given to him for free a few months ago when Aloha had lost his luggage, but apparently such coupons aren't traditionally given out... and definitely never given out blank.

When we'd arrived at the airport, we had to stand in a long, winding line. As the baffled agent conferred in a back office with an unseen superior, the line slowly shrunk. By the time she came back, the check-in hall was practically empty.

Fortunately, he was given the green light, and further briefed on the proper use of the coupons, which -- it turns out -- were each good for a round trip.

With only ten minutes to boarding, however, William was not appeased. As a "fragile" sticker was slapped on his monitor box (he was taking the IIsi home), he said in a careful, measured tone:

"It is ironic that these coupons, which were given to me for bad service, has led to further delays."

He later urged me to share the story of his stern handling of the situation with my mother, from whom he'd drawn the inspiration to be a properly demanding customer.

"She's my hero," he said, then disappeared down the jetway.

He'll be back in Honolulu on Friday just for the Yet Unnamed Shindig, returning to the Big Island the next day. There he'll do yardwork, badger his brother and send cranky e-mail for the remainder of the break.

Micheal, angling for a National Geographic internship, may or may not join him. Apparently, the plan is to enlist the free services of Matsuda Housing and Transportation, Inc. and take nature pictures on volcanoes and in random Big Island rainforests.

After three weekends of shooting kids screaming at Santa and picking their noses, I'm sure snowy vistas atop Mauna Loa will be a refreshing change for him.

Lawyer called me at work yesterday. He wasn't available this morning at 8 a.m., so the police interview was postponed again. He wanted to talk to them a bit more, and also brief the both of us before we say anything.

No word yet on what's up... if they're still intent on taking statements from us, it'll probably be tomorrow morning or some time Friday.

He's of the opinion that Jen should be interviewed, but he's not so sure about me. It all hinges on which way the police are leaning on where the case will eventually go.

It doesn't look like this nightmare is going to end when the year does.

On a slightly brighter note, I'm pretty sure I'm getting an "A" in Keever's class. This is determined by the fact that Micheal got an "A," and that I did better than him more often than not.

For Intellectual Masturbation 360, however, I'm getting a "B." I was averaging a high "A" all semester, even getting a 100 percent on the midterm. But Micheal and I pretty much blew off the final, and that really hurt.

At least I didn't get an "incomplete," though. Micheal did. He has 'til February to rewrite his paper to get a low "B" for the class.

I never got around to figuring out what my grade was for Hawaiian. Again, my attendance is probably the only reason I won't get an "A." I wonder if I'd get extra consideration if my teacher had any idea what kind of a semester I've had?

Anyway, it's not a 4.0, but it's better than I thought I was capable of. If I had a couple more years, I might get really good at this "school" thing.

Jen just came out. She hasn't dilated at all, despite how close to bursting she's felt lately. On the other hand, the baby has descended into birth position. She has more breathing room, but I guess it's going to be nearly impossible to hold anything in her bladder now.

Now we wander the hospital until the ultrasound. I guess this also means we pay an arm and a leg for a hospital lunch.


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