IMR: 1997: December: 24 -- Tuesday, 1:05 a.m.
Our Apartment, Waikiki, Hawai`i
From: From: Prophet Zarquon <>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 01:05:06 -1000 (HST)
To: Na Hoa Aloha <>
Subject: Baby Update

Aloha e ko maua hoa aloha!

Merry Christmas, and to a happy new year, from Jennifer and I. We'll mail those cards off any day now, really.

Seriously, you are in our thoughts, and we're grateful for your being there for us in this most unforgettable of seasons. Right now I'm writing with the latest news about our forthcoming bundle of joy, fresh pictures of which are available at:

The page will be there for a while, but it is temporary. I'll eventually incorporate them into a more extensive website I'm working on (e-mail me if you want to take an early peek).

In case you can't access the web, here's the scoop. Jen's about a month from term, and the baby has flipped head-down and descended into birth position. This affords her more breathing room, but shrinks her already compressed bladder to 'bout the size of a thimble. Though Jen reports feeling near to bursting, doctor assures that Jen is not dilated at all.

The ultrasound (amazing stuff, I tell you) reveals a perfect baby, with all fingers and toes and reportedly long legs. Assorted measurements bring a weight estimate of about 5.5 lbs., meaning a 6.2 or so lb. child at birth. Fairly small (23rd percentile?), but again quite normal.

The ultrasound also revealed that the baby is almost certainly a girl. After scanning from the most embarassing of angles, there was absolutely no sign of a 'boy part.' Sometimes they can be hidden or obscured, but the technician said there was no question we're looking at a daughter.

Though of course Jen and I would have loved any child, we openly hoped for a girl. We're thoroughly ecstatic. A Christmas gift of sorts. Her name, as determined in part by a contract signed more than two years ago, is Katherine. That is, Katherine Masami Kilinahe Ozawa.

If somehow I'm negligent in keeping in touch, please don't hesitate to ring us and scold. Things are pretty overwhelming, but again we're very thankful for your warmth and support.

With all our love,

Ryan & Jennifer Ozawa


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