IMR: Things: Sony Vaio 505F

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Sony Vaio 505F
Pentium 233MHz, 64MB RAM, 2GB HD, 10.4" LCD, 2.9 lbs.
Purchased August 1998

I semi-reluctantly bought this Sony Vaio laptop — my first "primary computer" of the Intel persuasion — in August 1998. I had just gotten a job as a system administrator in a totally Windows-based office, and was quickly getting tired of the geek acrobatics needed to work there with my Macintosh PowerBook.

I grew to like it quite a bit, mostly because of its famous "ultralite" form factor. It could be shoved just about anywhere you'd shove a thick stack of letter-sized papers, and weighed less than three pounds. It ran my HTML editor and Photoshop well enough, as well as the basic business software, so it also did everything I needed it to do.

It's traveled with me all over, and has quite a few scratches, scrapes, and snapped plastic bits as a result. As of late, it's spent most of its time left in my office, connected to the network, functioning more as a noisy personal hard drive than anything else.

I was torn between getting another Vaio to replace it, and returning to the Mac fold with a G4. Instead, I ended up falling for a Handspring Visor Prism PDA.

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