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Side Street Inn
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
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  [ VERDICT: 3.5 Stars ] [ Food: 4 Stars ] [ Service: 3 Stars ] [ Ambiance: 2 Stars ] [ Value: 4 Stars ]

Side Street Inn doesn't make much of an impression from the outside.

Okay, I'll be honest: from the street, with trash bags and empty boxes piled everywhere and cars parked bumper to bumper mere inches from the windows, the place looks like a dump. The fact that its neighbors are auto shops and bars of questionable repute doesn't help, either.

But if you can find parking (hint: to park on the roof, go up the ramp behind the place on Kona Street), and get in through a door that's not blocked by junk or delivery vans, you'll be well rewarded.

The daily lunch menu is simple, but heavy on flavor and value. And the casual atmosphere (including a bustling late-night sports bar), tasty pupus, and creative kitchen staff have won this modest eatery quite a devoted following... and more than a few dining awards. Specialties include fried rice, poke, and pork chops.

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