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[ Scoozee's ]  
Ward Centre
Honolulu, Hawai`i 96814
(808) 597-1777
Web: None

[ VERDICT: 2 Stars ] [ Food: *** ] [ Service: ** ] [ Ambiance: *** ] [ Value: * ]

Scoozee's sucks. I don't even want to waste half a kilobyte on them.

I even gave them a second chance, and tried their famous monster meatball. A soggy wad of corrugated cardboard pulled from behind a public toilet would have been more rewarding.

I'll give the proprietors some credit for their image cultivation. Located next to a handful of other high-end, trendy restaurants, they do a fine job looking like an equally classy, tasty place to spend $50 on dinner for two. But frankly, I couldn't help thinking there was something wrong with spending $17 on a pathetic plate of plain spaghetti that made Prego look like top-notch Italian cuisine.

Nearly criminal prices. Slow and pretentious service. Stay away.

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