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[ Tracy ]  
Kau, Tracy Marie S.
Aliases: Unknown

Our paths first crossed over a role-playing game called "Teenagers From Outer Space," Nate and I connecting with her through a colorful character by the name of Jasen Edralin.

Over the years, she and I soon became friends, despite her extensive circle of snazzy, stylish friends and my being an absolute dork. We were close and trusted confidants, muddling through that messy almost-twenty-something period of chaos and disillusionment. Many an entire night was whiled away in an endless game of Truth or Dare.

It was almost always truth.

She was my prom date. We carpooled to campus our first few semesters at UH. She had an uncanny skill for collecting and trading, she knew more about nice cars and fancy stereos than most guys, and she knew she was going to become an engineer, kick serious ass, and take over the world. Oh, and her mom was extraordinarily cool.

Sadly, as is the case with many pivotal friendships, we started getting lax when it came to keeping in touch when the mediocrity of life took over. We started getting only secondhand updates on each other, usually through my brother, who — as usual — excelled at keeping in touch with pretty girls.

"Ryan's getting married?" Or, "Tracy's now an art major?"

We hardly bump into each other now, our social circles quite definitely worlds apart. In fact, I was such a cad, I missed her graduation party in the spring of 1999. I'm still kicking myself over that.

Because she was a great friend. If there was anything she took seriously, it was friendship. And I'm quite glad to have experienced it.



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