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[ Tony ]  
Fo, Anthony Kui Lee
Aliases: The Foman

Tony was one of the interns who worked with me at PBEC (where I worked from October 1998 to February 2003). We joined the office at about the same time, and learned our way around together.

When traveling to various meetings — notably Hong Kong and New Zealand — we were roommates, and he was so polite, he never once complained about my shoring. We also went sightseeing and made friends during our travels, coming to terms with just how big the world really is.

We also discovered how small it can be, when I realized that I knew his older sister Bernadette years before while working at Ka Leo.

Because of his course load at UH (he's a Regent Scholar, after all), Tony's schedule at work varied greatly, but he excelled so much at what he did that we dragged him in whenever we could get him, even after regular office hours.

He finally escaped, though, in May 2000 to attend Harvard. Clearly, all that studying paid off.


Born May 26, 1976. Attended Maryknoll Schools, then the University of Hawai`i–Manoa as a Regent Scholar studying both pre-med and economics. Graduated May 2000. Currently attending Harvard Law School.

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