IMR: People: Mio
[ Mio ] Higashimoto, Mio
Aliases: Squishy
E-Mail: None
Web: None

Mio, though otherwise shunning all other things journalism, nonetheless served a considerable term at Ka Leo. She capped off her newspaper days as head of the Editorial Desk during one of the most... exciting semesters in terms of editorial opinion and campus controversy.

Mio is an amazing combination of a fully-aware Japanese citizen and a local girl. She can switch from fluent, first-language nihongo to pseudo-pidgin in a snap, and her keen fashion sense draws from the best of both worlds.

She subconsciously exhibits many of the stereotypical "little Japanese girl" mannerisms, but on the other hand, she could also probably beat the crap out of you should she be so inclined.

I'm not entirely sure if Mio graduated from UH yet, but she's kept busy, having recently worked for tour companies and brokerage firms. She's been with her boyfriend, George, for over a year now.

She remains fast friends with several Ka Leo survivors, including Donica, Martha, Jennifer Dawn and Wai Kee.


Birthdate unknown. Alma mater unknown. Currently employed... somewhere.


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