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Mak, Mary Ann Brunson
Aliases: The Lemur

A seasoned high-school journalist, Mary hooked up with University aVenue in November 1997. She never produced any actual copy, but she was the hardest-working freelancer on distribution day.

The 'Venue was soon no more, but I still crossed her path on campus now and then. She also chronicled much of her life in her own online journal. She eventually got sucked into the insane escribitionist community, and we often banter and debate, if not directly correspond.

In the fall of 1998, she entered the wonderful world of matrimony. We traded a few tales of wonder and woe in the adventure in which both of us were, in a way, a little surprised to find ourselves.

In the spring of 2000, however, following months of soul searching and a trip to attend a Las Vegas convention (there meeting Micheal, her long-time crush), she announced efforts to leave it.

She moved later that year to be with him in Seattle, and in 2005, they married.


In December 1997, Mary said a future hobby would likely involve toppling the U.S. government.


Born 14 October 1979. Graduated from Farrington High School in 1997. Currently living in Seattle. Previously attended UH-Manoa and worked several jobs, including webmistress at Ka Leo, program director at KTUH, and operations assistant at Hawaii Public Radio.

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