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Narozny, Marcin
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Marcin rocks.

He was an intern who worked with PBEC (where I worked from October 1998 to February 2003). He was an HPU student from Sweden, and was always brimming with interesting factlets about Swedish culture. He found the trappings of corporate America to be curiously entertaining.

Though his position was unpaid, the quantity and quality of the work we got out of him was priceless. He knew computers and networks inside out, and was a master at programming. He turned our bloated monstrosity of a "database" into a genuinely usable resource.

So good was he, that I often wondered why he was never picked up by a major tech firm.

Then he went and got recruited by a major tech firm. He left for Redmond, Washington in May, and our database hasn't been the same since.

(And no, they're not hiring anymore, so don't bother him.)


Birthdate unknown, alma mater unknown. Currently working in Redmond, Washington.

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