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Franzmeier, Mara
Aliases: M.J. Blakberry
Web: None

Mara was one of the interns who worked at PBEC (where I worked from October 1998 to February 2003). She worked directly for the top boss, writing and doing research, but left at the end of 2000 to focus on her studies.

Through the online research she did for her internship, she never failed to send to me the most thought-provoking — or most silly — article link of the day.

She's decidedly of the intellectual variety, and I've had some of the most stimulating mid-day debates with her, over things both serious and silly. It is a distinct pleasure talking with someone who doesn't take my chronic devil's advocacy positions too seriously.

Mara is an English major at UH, meanwhile holding down part-time jobs around town. A search for published works on the web turned up only her Senior Honors Project, "The Deconstruction of Feminine Ideologies in Aurora Leigh," but she is definitely a talented, if not prolific, writer. She also was kind enough to invite me — by all accounts not even a wannabe — to join her excellent small writing group.

She is also a vegetarian, cat lover, and budding photographer.


Born June 17. Currently majoring in English at the University of Hawai`i–Manoa.

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