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Sonnerstedt, Lovisa
Aliases: Unknown
Web: None

Lovisa was one of the senior interns at PBEC (where I worked from October 1998 to February 2003).

She's Swedish, but speaks both English and Spanish fluently as well. She's also a vegetarian. During her long tenure at the office, achieved some minor fame for her enthusiasm for karaoke, as well as an astounding resistance to the less popular effects of alcohol.

A distinctive quirk of hers is the way she mentally processes language. When she can't find a word that's on the tip of her tongue, she can tell you what letter it starts with and how many letters are in it. This unusual talent prompted her supervisor to bestow the label of "freaky."

She was my primary guide when our office organized a major international meeting in Los Angeles in October 1998.

Sadly, with the end of the Fall 1998 semester, she left us to return to Sweden. Fortunately we do trade the occassional e-mail message.


Birthdate unknown.

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