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[ Kylie ] Wilson, Kylie Elizabeth
Aliases: Kapuahiwahiwaonapali
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Kylie was hired as a copy editor at Ka Leo during my last year as editor.

She was the ex-girlfriend of an apparent Hawaiian maven (and sometimes columnist), and had started studying the language a semester after I did. We worked on homework together, and she and William later served as actors in a story I had to write for Hawaiian 201.

(William has since demanded the photographic illustrations for said story be burned.)

She was also one of the early six involved in establishing University aVenue as the Spring 1997 semester drew to a close.

The lot of us got along smashingly at first, Greg, Micheal and I joining her and her family on Kaua`i for Spring Break. I even referred to she and Joel as Micheal's "planets," as they -- quite enamoured of Micheal's antics -- seemed to orbit him every moment we were together.

She was eventually hired as a student proofreader at UH Press, in part prompting me to apply there as well. While she only worked for the summer, I am still employed "on the hill" as webmaster.

Things with the 'Venue started getting hairy, however, with money problems, paperwork snafus and assorted power struggles within the group. When the semester ended, due in part to the loss of our mutual enemies at Ka Leo, we often turned on each other.

All hell broke loose in July, when Joel pulled a... well, Joel. The board began discussing kicking him out, and in short, Kylie picked the wrong side.

Advised by her father, an attorney who had earlier helped us get our paperwork in order, she accepted her ouster provided we gave back some of the money she'd invested. Though our legal eagles were of the opinion she deserved squat, we gave her most of what she demanded just to get her out of our hair.

The 'Venue partnership officially formed later that month, with only William, Micheal and I on board. Things ran much more smoothly from that day forward.

Suffice it to say, I don't see much of her anymore. I presume she has seen some success, however, as I have spotted her with a fellow former copy editor that she'd pined after for months.

One of the last direct encounters anyone had with her — breaking an extensive, otherwise mutual snubbing — was in December 1997. Kylie, in apparent reference to our third issue, reportedly snipped that we should hire a copy editor. Micheal, 'Venue Senior Loose Cannon, is said to have replied, "Fuck you." (Of course he may have imagined the whole thing.)

She subsequently and suddenly wrote me regarding this page in April 2001, but I was in Tokyo at the time and somehow lost the message. Oops.


Birthdate unknown. Graduated from Iolani High School in 1996. Currently attending UH-Manoa with an intended double major in music and mathematics.


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