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[ Eathan ]  
Cimdins, Eathan Michael Daisaku
Aliases: Hairam, E-10

Eathan is my step-brother.

He and I got along rather well from the start, when dad started dating his mother, Gayle. Once they were married, I was regularly called upon as an "expert witness" in his campaigns to convince dad why this or that (a computer, a car, etc.) was neccessary.

In his high school years, Eathan spent a lot of time with Todd, playing various card games, trading computer BBS notes and deconstructing the mysteries of women.

He's one of the most pleasant and level-headed teens I know. In fact, unless things go horribly wrong soon, he's going to disprove my theory that all Punahou graduates are messed up in the head. The only sign of dementia was a brief obsession with Mariah Carey.

Besides his gentle nature, he's quite the fit hapa haole youth (once dabbling in modeling). Thus, he's always been quite popular with the girls... something that has often befuddled him. Jen once said he'll be a lady killer when he grew up. Now that he's heading out of his teens, we're waiting to see if she's right.


Born 10 February 1978. Graduated from Punahou in 1997, and briefly attended the University of Washington. Also worked now and then for local concert promoter Mass Appeal Productions. Job hunting at last report.

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