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[ David ]  
Cisan, David J.
Aliases: Unknown

David was one of the veterans at PBEC (where I worked from October 1998 to February 2003). He hired me, in fact, calling me up out of the blue after coming across my old resume on the web.

He was essentially my direct supervisor, pointing the way and keeping me out of trouble. I also took over a few small duties from him, notably dealing with various vendors (which turned out to be very educational) and basic office administration (from purchasing to simply keeping things neat).

[ One of the infamous Miss Universe photos, courtesy David's friend Mark. ]This man was incredibly diligent in his work, coming in early (and on weekends), staying late, flying around the office with a frantic gait that was one of his trademarks. Every so often, he would also treat us to one of his famous home-made ice cream cakes.

David was as much of a friend as a coworker could be, and we shared an affinity for online oddities, reruns of The Simpsons, and making sarcastic remarks. Other obsessions include heavy metal from the 70s and 80s, chocolate and other desserts, Japanese pop culture.

[ David during his formative years. ]I helped him get his start on the web, goading him into buying a handful of domain names. Even today I occasionally help him develop Coco-Palms.Com, a website he started just for kicks but which quickly became a major resource for a once-famous, historic Kaua`i landmark.

He grew up on Kaua`i, in fact, although he was born in Florida, making him what you would call a "local haole."

To the dismay of all, David left our office and Hawai`i in May 2000, after being accepted into the accelerated one-year MBA program at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland (and nabbing a nice scholarship to boot). Soon after, he was picked up by one of the world's largest insurance firms and moved to New York City. Ultimately, he hopes to settle in Japan.


David's birthday is October 4. Presently living in New York.

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