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In this, the "third age" of web diaries, notification lists are almost as common as online journals themselves. In Medias Res has one, but it's a little different than most.

The basic purpose, of course, is to notify regular readers via e-mail whenever a new entry or other change is made to IMR. These announcements will reduce wear on your "Reload" button, provide a little background on what's been added, and include the specific URL that will take you straight there.

But The JournaList allows, and in fact encourages, feedback. You can rebut my conceited proclamations, interact with fellow voyeurs, discuss or debate the issue of the day... or, for that matter, anything else on your mind.

Yes, chatter on The JournaList will regularly fly off on unrelated, unexpected tangents. But contrary to policy on most mailing lists, this is a good thing here. Subscribers get notified of every development in my life, but they also get -- for better or worse -- the random reflections of other people who are just as nosy (or as bored) as they are.

I think it's a blast, but if you can't deal with the potential for chaos (or don't check your e-mail too often), The JournaList is not for you.

But wait, there's more!

If you join, you'll be listed on the "Unusual Suspects" page (whether you like it or not). Don't worry, aliases are okay. Get a link to your own web page, too.

One caveat. If you're someone I'd rather not have reading IMR in the first place -- i.e. nosy family members, creditors, psychopathic ex-girlfriends -- you won't be able to subscribe. Fortunately, if you don't know me from a hole in the ground (and chances are you don't), you're in like Flynn!

Still interested? Send in your application.


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