IMR: Extras: Inbox: Defending Doctor Boyens

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:00:22 -1000
Subject: IMR-98-Feb-02

Hello Mr. Kawailani!

I am writing to you in regards to this document (or whatever it is) and what you wrote about Dr. Christian Boyens.

I am a patient (and consider myself a friend) of Dr. Boyens. I was doing a search of his name through AOL and your entry came up. I think it's awful that you would write these things that could damage a man's career on the internet. I'm sure you realize that it is accessible to almost anybody who is curious about Dr. Boyens.

He delivered my youngest son on memorial day of this year and I cannot tell you how totally competant, thourough and most of all how caring of a person he is. You should consider your family lucky to have such an excellent doctor. I hope you have time to reflect and realize the error you made by writing such things.

I know if Dr.Boyens were to stumble across it he would be truly hurt, that alone says alot about the man. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I love Dr. Boyens. I honestly do. He's almost too hip to be a doctor.

I concede, I teased him a bit that day. My daughter, barely a week old, had to be rehospitalized, and you can imagine my general opinion of medical practitioners wasn't very high. After all, I don't know anyone who thinks hospitals are discharging newborns too late.

But overall, I'm happy to have my wife and daughter in his care. (Family practicioners on the whole are a pretty nifty breed.) I've documented many subsequent visits, and I think I have been rather complimentary of Dr. Boyens' care.

I hope you understand, jumping into the middle of IMR like that can sometimes paint a pretty inaccurate picture of my personality and opinions. How I may feel on one particular day is definitely not representative of my overall outlook. One day I might think the Spice Girls suck. A week later, I might gush over their latest hit single.

(Well, I don't think I'll ever like the Spice Girls, but you get my drift.)

I hope I've assuaged your concerns somewhat, and I certainly hope I haven't hurt Dr. Boyens' feelings. If I have, well... I've got a big hug with his name on it.


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