IMR: 1999: October: 16 —  Saturday, 11:48 p.m.
Our Apartment, Makiki, Hawai`i

I forgot to mention yesterday that while I was poring over the newspaper archives at Hamilton Library for Brislin's class, I looked up a couple of editions just for fun. Specifically, I looked up The Honolulu Advertiser for August 13, 1972 and November 6, 1974 — the days on which Jen and I were born, respectively.

[ 1972 ]Jen's birthday was a Sunday. Back then, the Sunday paper was still a joint production of the Star-Bulletin and Advertiser, and this particular edition had 170 pages spread across 8 sections.

President Nixon had declared his "New Economic Policy" a success, a declaration that met more than a little skepticism by Democrats (including presidential hopeful George McGovern). Forest fires burned in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Nevada.

Alaska Governor George Wallace returned home after recovering from a gunshot wound from a would-be assassin. The British were worried that Uganda would expel 50,000 "British Asians" from the territory, leading to a massive influx of "expelled Asians descending on Britain." United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim urged once again for the People's Republic of China to be admitted into the U.N.

The Sunday paper cost 35 cents. And at Chun Hoon Everybody's — a store once located at the corner of Nuuanu and School streets, though I don't know what's there now — top round steaks were $1.79 a pound, eight rolls of MD toilet tissue cost 79 cents, twelve ounces of Kellogg's Corn Flakes cost 39 cents, and a long loaf of Wonder Bread was 42 cents.

[ 1974 ]I already knew what was happening on my birthday, 'cause my dad would always remind me. November 6 was the Wednesday following the 1974 general election. (My parents were watching the returns the night before when mom went into labor.)

George Ariyoshi became Hawaii's third governor since statehood in an election that saw a 79 percent voter turnout — "the lowest since statehood." He (and running mate Nelson K. Doi) beat Randolph Crossley and Ben Dillingham by a comfortable (about 22,000) margin.

A Jordanian airliner was hijacked and forced to land in Libya. NFL coach Norm Van Brocklin was fired from the Atlanta Falcons.

The paper cost 20 cents. And at Longs Drugs — with seven convenient locations on O`ahu — a tube of Close-Up toothpaste cost 50 cents, a can of Raid Ant and Roach Killer cost 66 cents, a cartridge of 15 Schick Plus Platinum injector blades went for $1.29, and you could get two packs of Modess Sanitary Panties or Briefs for $1.99.

But what really blew my mind were the movie ads on page B-6. And I'm not talking "Cabaret," either.

Nope. Right there under ads for The Danny Kalekini Revue at the Kahala Hilton and John Robert Powers Fashion and Finishing School for Teens, Careerists and Homemakers, was a special section titled "Adult Movies & Entertainment."

"Badge 69," "Love Riders," "Memories Within Miss Aggie," "Erotic Love Goddess," and "The Sex Bomb," starring Sharon Kelley and Tatsuo Umemiya and premiering at the Toyo Theater at College Walk and Beretania Street. At the Busy B Theater on Maunakea Street, ladies get in free with male escort!

The more upscale joints stick with the classics, "Deep Throat" and "Behind the Green Door."

At the Swing Club Theater on North Hotel Street, "Six Live Shows on Stage!" John and Nikki and Eric and Eve, "two beautiful couples to entertain you." Next door at the Tom Cat Theater, "Peter the Peeker" and "You Mean So Much To Me," all-male features.

But you can't beat the Esquire Theater. in addition to the world premiere of "Nikki" — starring Nikki (born and raised in Hawaii), F. Samuels, and The Black Johnny Wadd — you've got Sandra Kaye and Windy "a beautiful BLACK girl" on stage, topless and bottomless, as well as two special films: "Animal Lovers #5" and "Animal Lovers #8: Girls Best Friend."

Twenty-four, almost twenty-five years later, you get "Lovely Girls Private Entertainment," "Club Bluechip" with "Beautiful Ladies, Darts & Karaoke," and "Narita Relaxation (Formerly Hula Hands)."

Who said people were prudes back in the day?

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