IMR: 1999: August: 28 —  Saturday, 10:44 p.m.
Our Apartment, Makiki, Hawai`i

[ A walk in the park... ] 

A productive yet lazy day. The library was closed, so there was nothing to do but be a family.

We took Katie to Dr. Ho — a pediatrician at Straub — today, on the off chance a specialist would have more to say than our Norse God of a family practitioner on the matter of our daughter's lower digestive tract.

Not really. Less meat, more milk, introduce or avoid certain fruits. Check back in a week.

We'll probably visit the other pediatrician, Dr. Lau, in the near future, but if she similarly doesn't seem to be overflowing with insight, we'll probably stick with Dr. Boyens. Jen certainly won't mind.

Then we went down to Sears for haircuts. Jen got the cutest bob — my favorite look on her besides ultra short. I got to see Nicky again, always a pleasure, shooting the breeze with someone with that unique perspective of your life held only by barbers.

Finally a stroll around Magic Island, soaking up some sun. We really ought to get out like that more often.

A week to New Zealand. Jen's getting clingy and I'm getting antsy.

And a 3 a.m. departure. Yike.

Bill Gates' net worth. Even at a modest rate of growth, slower than what it's been in the last five years, he could very well become the world's first trillionaire within the next 20 years. So reports Wired, which has yet another list of those irresistable factoids of exactly how rich is rich.

A trillion. That's a lot of zeros. That's over $3,000 for every single U.S. citizen.

"It costs $288 to sponsor one child for a year through Save the Children," they report. "This means Bill could sponsor 4.16 billion children... and the world's population is just about 6 billion."

"You must chill! You must chill!"

Yes. It's 'Say Anything.' Again.

Every time the movie comes on, Jen squeals, drops whatever she's doing, plops down in front of the tube, and sighs, "This is my favorite movie of a-a-a-a-all time!"

And I always reply, "I know. You say that every time."

She estimates she's seen it almost 40 times. And I'm pretty sure I've been there for at least a third of those viewings over the last five — almost six years.

It used to tickle me to see how she could recite every single line with the people on screen, with Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court. Now she's got me doing it.

"...but then I attacked him anyway."

And I think about the first time I saw 'Say Anything.' And the first time she saw 'Blade Runner.' And how the both of us probably just rolled our eyes and figured, well, this is the sort of silliness we're just going to have to learn to put up with.

But somehow, our weird little quirks manage to rub off on each other.

So who knows. Maybe someday she'll eat Spam and listen to Bjork. And maybe someday I'll ride a rollercoaster and take her to a Poison concert.

"Oooh, dissed in the Malibu, man!"


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