IMR: 1998: March: 09 -- Monday, 8:43 a.m.
Crawford Hall 210, Univ. of Hawai`i-Manoa, Hawai`i
Looks like another improvised lesson today in Borg's magazine writing class. We're basically going around and updating everyone on the progress of our profile assignment, due Friday.

Of course I haven't even picked my subject yet.

Gen just walked in (time: 8:47 a.m.), but I don't think she missed much. At the moment we're off on a tangent discussing food irradiation.

The only thing on my mind now is the letter "C," which -- by straight mathematics -- is my current grade in Hawaiian class. It's only so obvious I've got a lot going on in my life. On tests and quizzes, I'm averaging a high B. On homework, a high D. I get "He keu a maika`i" (excellent) on all the assignments I turn in, mind you... it's just that I don't turn in all that much.

Fortunately, kumu Kekeha said he's looking at "the big picture" and that I'll probably get an A or B in the end. That is to say, he recognizes that I've got other things to worry about at home, but he can tell I'm learning the language well from how I perform in class.

He's cool that way. Last semester, by the formula in his syllabus, I should've failed 201. Instead, since my tests were pretty good and my oral presentations kicked ass, I got an A.

Oop. Borg's letting us out 15 minutes early. Off to work, I guess.


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