IMR: 1998: January: 24 -- Saturday, 9:17 p.m.
Mom's Place, Mililani, Hawai`i
I wonder if this is the real thing?

We're timing contractions. Jen started having them on the drive up, and so far the last six have all been about twenty minutes apart.

She had a few earlier, but though they were just Braxton-Hicks contractions -- mild, practice contractions that come and go for months before the birth. But we started timing them, and found they're not randomly spaced.

We're still not sure if this is it, but we're lining up our ducks. I e-mailed William -- our "childbirth information officer" -- names and numbers of people who will be waiting for the good news. Mom helped us pick out Katie's first outfit, and packed a bag for Jen (clothes, toiletries, and stuff not included in the "labor bag" we packed last week).

Mom thinks we're officially on our way. Todd just left to take his girlfriend home, and I told him, "You just might have a niece by this time tomorrow."

Oh boy. Um... Girl, rather.

All of a sudden I can't remember if I've forgotten my lamaze training.

She's been feeling a little warm, occasionally turning on the fan, which fits the "real thing" pattern. But, she's five minutes behind schedule for contraction number seven.

Actually, the last couple have been slowing down. So maybe this is just another false alarm.

"Maybe we'll get to see the Super Bowl after all," says mom.

Wait. Here's one now... thirty minutes.

We still don't know. Slowing down, but hurting a little more each time.

Gotta stop typing and get to doing the husband thing.


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