IMR: 1997: November: 13 -- Thursday, 2:47 p.m.
Keller PC Lab, Univ. of Hawai`i-Manoa, Hawai`i

From: Ryan Kawailani Ozawa <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 14:47:41 -1000 (HST)
To: Coconut Wireless <>
Subject: NEWS FLASH: Byerly to head marketing at HPU

HONOLULU -- A University of Hawaii instructor announced today that he will leave the Manoa campus later this month to serve as the new director of marketing for Hawai`i Pacific University.

Harry Byerly, who also serves on the Cocurricular Activities, Programs and Services staff, told students in his leadership course he was surprised when he heard he got the job.

"It was the first position I applied for, actually," he said. "I talked to them two weeks ago, and I just found out yesterday."

Although Byerly declined to disclose the details of his new contract with HPU, he conceded that he will be seeing a considerable increase in income.

"It's an exciting opportunity," he said.

Byerly wasn't expected to leave the university until next May, when his contract -- which was not renewed by CAPS -- expired. CAPS officials were not immediately available for comment.

Byerly, who recently completed his Master's in education, said he has no formal background in marketing or public relations.

He said HPU recently stepped up hiring of faculty and staff, particularly for people who have their master's doctoral degrees.

"In their last accreditation report, that (the lack of higher degree-holding faculty) was cited as their biggest weakness," he said.

Byerly also said HPU plans to increase advertising, noting that the reputation of the downtown-based school is strong in certain niche markets.

"Actually, I don't understand why UH doesn't put more effort into recruitment," he said. "I guess they figure they're the only show in town."

"They're like a sleeping giant," Byerly added.

With Byerly's departure, he said there will be three vacant positions within the CAPS office. However, unlike other departments, which are still subject to a system-wide hiring freeze, Byerly said CAPS acquired an exemption to fill at least one of them. He said that process is currently ongoing.

Byerly told his students that he will only teach one more class session before his departure, leaving another instructor to finish the semester and administer the final in his place.

"Actually, it might be Jan (Javinar)," Byerly said, pointing out that two students in the class -- University aVenue founders Micheal Lee and Ryan Kawailani Ozawa -- consider Javinar their "arch enemy."

Javinar, who recently received his doctorate in educational administration, heads the CAPS office. In an October interview with Honolulu Weekly, Lee had said Javinar was abusing his power in trying to restrict campus distribution of the 'Venue.

"Just what we need in this class," one student responded. "More conflict."


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