IMR: 2000: August: Gallery
Our Apartment, Makiki, Hawai`i

From: Ryan Kawailani Ozawa <>
To: IMR Notify List <>
Subject: IMR: Quiet
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 17:07:45 -1000

Sorry for the silence!

Money matters alluded to in the last entry still loom, but are of course managable. August, though, is turning out to be rather... colorful on completely different fronts.

There was a sudden death in the family last week (my aunt Jane, wife of my dad's big brother) with a funeral this Saturday, there's a personnel shake-down at work (with lots of uncomfortable moments and background seething), my step-mom is ill and looking at a very early retirement, and of course school starts next week, with me taking the absolute toughest course in the whole Journalism cycle (everyone saves it for last).

All of this (and more) has my stomach in butterflies and my mind in a whirl, and has generally left me unable to articulate anything in HTML. Which is a pity because there's no shortage of news (clearly) and I'd even toying with the idea of following the crowd and starting a weblog, but even that seems too ambitious at the moment. Ah well.

Jen's birthday was yesterday, at least, and we celebrated and had fun.

Thanks for staying tuned. I'll be back!

Ryan Kawailani Ozawa
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